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BUY LegUp LandinGear!

The Perfect Trike Alternative


LegUp™ on GL1800
LegUp™ Picture #3

Form Instructions

LegUp™ will pay the domestic shipping cost (50) of our system if you buy it online! Here you can tell us the type and year of your bike, make a payment via Paypal or your credit card and save 50. You may also call us at 407-834-5007, and we can handle everything over the phone and you will still save 50.

** PayPal **

We use Paypal to accept your payments. It is safe, and whether you have a Paypal account, or just a credit card, it is easy to use and offers complete security of your vital confidential information! You can also use PayPal Credit to Pay for your purchase as well. This is a PayPal Service that allows you to pay over time! If you have a "PayPal Credit" account it will be available at the PayPal Checkout. If not, you can Click on the logo Below and sign up if you wish!

Pricing Information

All Generation II Models are $3,650 including shipping. Chrome Floorboards for bikes with rear footpegs, like Heritage Softails and Street Glides, are $180. International shipping is extra (We pay the first $50!).

(FL Residents are subject to 7% sales tax)

Lead times are about 2 weeks right now, but are subject to change in this crazy pos-pandemic world!

Terms and Conditions

Purchase of a LegUp System implies agreement to our Terms and Conditions

LegUp Landingear systems are custom manufactured for you at the time of your order. Due to this fact, returns for ANY reason are subject to a 50% restocking fee, less any damage, original shipping costs and discounts applied at the time of original order.

Please contact Chopper Design at 407-834-5007 for Warranty or Return Authorizations.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for refunds on any authorized returns.

Bike Model

Please tell us what make and model bike you have. You will be asked the year after selecting your model. If your bike is not listed, drop us a line at:, and we will let you know if we are working on your bike yet!

Please select a Bike Model
Model Year

Please select the year of the Bike you have from the pulldown below. The list only contains years that your model is available for.

Please select the year of your bike

If your bike already has rear floorboards, we will be moving them from their mounts to the LegUp Mounts; don't check this box. If you have a Street Glide, or other bike with rear pegs instead of floorboards, Click here and we will provide these for $180. You can also get them at a Harley dealer or through aftermarket sources.


If your bike has been lowered, please check here. We like to set up your system as best we can for your bike before shipping. If it has been lowered, we will call (or email) you to determine the height, so we can make your install as simple as it can be. If your bike is at stock height, no need to check this box.

Total System Cost:

Promotion Codes

Certain LegUp™ Advertising offers special promotions. If you have the code from those ads, you can enter it here!

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International Shipping

Shipping within the United States is $50 and is free when you buy online. International Shipping is based on our costs, less the $50 discount. Check the box to see countries and rates. Rates are subject to change in the Pandemic crazy era. If rates change we will let you know and charge the difference before shipping. If your country is not listed, drop us a line at:, and we will add it.

Optional Shipping Address

We will ship to the address that your PayPal account (or credit card) has for a billing address. If you would like this sent to a shop, your brother-in-law, or anywhere else that is convenient, check the box and give us that address. Leave it unchecked, and we will get your address from PayPal.

Please enter your First Name (minimum 3 chars)
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