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LegUp Dealer Locator


LegUp Dealer Locator

Welcome to our dealer locator page! We have tried to make it easier to find a dealer near you. You can enter part or all of your address in the address box below, or just click on the map and we will get you the four closest dealers! The Dealer's addresses and phone numbers, websites and directions are made available. If you are having trouble seeing the map or would rather look up a dealer in an alphabetic list, click the 'List' button.

You can always buy directly from us. Then you can install the system yourself, have a local shop install it for you, or check with these fine folks. Thanks!

**PLEASE NOTE**: These Dealers may have installed one system or a number of systems at some time in the past. It is difficult for us to know if they are still interested in installing/selling LegUp Systems. If you call them and they do not wish to install for you, please let us know so we can remove them from this list! Thanks!

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If you wish to further refine your search for LegUP dealers, the following controls are available:
Search by nearest location or search alphabetically by dealer name.


If you are an accomplished motorcycle shop and would like to SELL and install LegUp™,
contact us at 407-834-5007 or EMAIL


Thanks !!!
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